E-mit board election results

E-mit board election results

June 11th 2023 

We are happy to announce the results of the first E-mit elections. 

E-mit members allowed to vote: 193
Voters in the election 127/193= 65,8% 

Carlo Viscomi (Italy) 

Sukru Anil Dogan (Turkey) 

Michelangelo Mancuso (Italy) 

Representative of senior member:
Laurence A. Bindoff (Norway) 

Board members:
Rita Horvath (UK)
Valeria Tiranti (Italy)
Cristina Ugalde (Spain)
Ulrich Brandt (The Netherlands)
Lyndsey Butterworth (UK)
Marco Tigano (USA) 

A call for junior members representatives in the E-mit board will be launched soon.