European Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine

About Us

E-mit, the European Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine, is a multidisciplinary
organisation focused on the promotion and development of scientific research in the field of
Mitochondria Biology and Disease and aspirate to the dissemination of the Scientific Culture.
As a reflection of the different disciplines evoked in the mitochondrial field, we will ensure to:
– provide a multidisciplinary forum aimed at advancing and disseminating knowledge of
mitochondrial research, for the benefit of individuals and Society;
– stimulate, encourage and develop high-quality training activities, scientific meetings and career
opportunities for scientists and clinicians working in mitochondrial research and medicine;
– encourage multidisciplinary collaboration across Europe;
– promote equal access to high standards of specialist care, treatments, drugs, clinical trials, research
opportunities, infrastructure and funding;
– engage mitochondrial researchers and clinicians with patient associations, the general public and
all key stakeholders involved in the field;
– endorse public awareness.

E-mit society is open to all scientists, clinicians, patients’ associations, companies and other key
stakeholders working in the fields of mitochondrial research and medicine, irrespective of
nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and political opinion.
Moreover, E-mit is
committed to fostering the next generation of mitochondrial scientists and clinicians.
Thus, junior
members (PhD students, junior post-doctoral fellows, and clinicians in training) are encouraged to
join the society with a reduced membership fee. 

E-mit Board

Carlo Viscomi



Sukru Anil Dogan



Michelangelo Mancuso



Laurence A. Bindoff

Representative of senior member


Rita Horvath

Board Member


Valeria Tiranti

Board Member


Cristina Ugalde

Board Member


Ulrich Brandt

Board Member

The Netherlands

Lyndsey Butterworth

Board Member


Marco Tigano

Board Member


Mélanie Abou-Ali

Junior Representative


Nandaki Keshavan

Junior Representative


Founding Members:

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1. Anikster Yair, Israel
2. Battersby Brendan, Finland
3. Bindoff Laurence, Norway
4. Brandt Uli, The Netherlands
5. Brea Calvo Gloria, Spain
6. Carelli Valerio, Italy
7. Chacinska Agnieszka, Poland
8. Chinnery Patrick, UK
9. Chinopoulos Christos, Hungary
10. Domínguez-González Cristina, Spain
11. Falkenberg Maria, Sweden
12. Gorman Grainnie, UK
13. Hikmat Omar Saad Mahmoud, Norway
14. Hirst Judy, UK
15. Honzik Tomas, Czech Republic
16. Horvath Rita, UK
17. Houtkooper Riekelt H, The Netherlands
18. Isohanni Pirjo, Finland
19. Jacobs Howard, Finland
20. Janssen Mirian, The Netherlands
21. Klopstock Thomas, Germany

22. Korac Bato, Serbia
23. Varhaug Kristin Nielsen, Norway
24. La Morgia Chiara, Italy
25. Larsson Nils Goran, Sweden
26. Lenaers Guy, France
27. Liang Xiao, Norway
28. Lorberboum-Galski Haya, Israel
29. Mancuso Michelangelo, Italy
30. Marti Ramon, Spain
31. Martinou Jean-Claude, Swizerland
32. Mayr Hans, Austria
33. Minczuk Michal, UK
34. Molnar Judit Maria, Hungary
35. Morais Vanessa, Portugal
36. Morava Eva, Belgium
37. Mracek Tomas, Czech Republic
38. Oliveira Ascensão Jorge, Portugal
39. Palmeira Carlos, Portugal
40. Paquis Veronique, France
41. Pecina Petr, Czech Republic
42. Peterlin Borut, Slovenia

43. Pitceathly Robert, UK
44. Prokisch Holger, Germany
45. Rego Ana Cristina, Portugal
46. Rogac Mihael, Slovenia
47. Rugarli Elena, Germany
48. Saada Ann, Israel
49. Schiff Manuel, France
50. Scorrano Luca, Italy
51. Soumalainen Anu, Finland
52. Tavernarakis Nektarios, Greece
53. Timmers Silvie, The Netherlands
54. Tiranti Valeria, Italy
55. Tokadlidis Kostas, UK
56. Trifunovic Alexandra, Germany
57. Ugalde Cristina, Spain
58. Vanlander Arnaud, Belgium
59. Viscomi Carlo, Italy
60. Vissing John, Denmark
61. Wai Timothy, France
62. Wortmann Saskia, Austria
63. Zeviani Massimo, Italy


E-mit Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

June, 9th 2021

The meeting was held virtually, and the number of participants reached the maximum of 46

December 1st, 2021

This second meeting was held virtually. An introduction by Valeria Tiranti presented the meeting

March 9th, 2022

This third meeting was held virtually with 24 participants. Barbara Frati Congressi was also present