Endorsed Events

Fifth International Congress – Redox Biology: A Paradigm of the Foundation of Life

Dear Colleagues,

“Those who were fortunate to wake up this morning in Belgrade may believe that they have accomplished enough in their lives. To insist on more than this would be merely immodest”
(Serbian poet and writer Dusko Radovic).

With these words, we would like to warmly welcome you to Belgrade, Serbia, from September 27-29, 2024 on the occasion of the Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free Radical Physiology 2024 meeting “Redox Biology: A Paradigm of the Foundation of Life”.

Belgrade (Serbian: Beograd, meaning “white city”) is the capital of Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe. It lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the position that defined Belgrade as the Door to Europe, the meeting point between East and West, North and South. In its 7000-year-old history, our city was demolished more than forty times, each time reborn and resurrected, like the Phoenix. Today, Belgrade unites diversity, creating a unique spirit of time. In the words of another Serbian writer, Momo Kapor: “Belgrade is not even in Belgrade, because Belgrade, in fact, is not a city; it is a metaphor, a way of life, a perspective on things”. We are sure that selecting Belgrade for the Meeting will add the right tone while reflecting scientific presentations in a warm atmosphere.

There are a number of reasons one can say that the 21st century has given birth to a new scientific discipline – Redox Biology. And Redox Biology is also, like any other aspect of science and life, a perspective on things, with the cooperation of opposites in its basis. With a goal. Harmonized in health, out-of-balance in illness. Studying Redox biology: oxidants, antioxidants, redox active molecules and redox regulation is a multilayered endeavor to comprehend the complexity and uniqueness of this regulation. Understanding this complexity will allow for a greater understanding of biology and, life.

This Conference is an attempt to get to know more deeply the core of Redox Biology, the core of life.
With these warm thoughts, Belgrade is waiting to meet you in September 2024.

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Bato Korac